Why You May Need an X-Ray

Physicians have several options to investigate the cause of pain or disease. Taking internal images such as x-rays allows them to diagnose the root cause of your condition. X-Rays have been used for over a century to help diagnose patients using electromagnetic energy.

X-Rays at Baytown and our Crosby locations offer state-of-the-art imaging onsite. Our x-ray technicians have extensive hospital experience, including emergency care.

What We Want you to Know About X-Rays at Our Baytown and Crosby Clinic Locations

X-rays are a standard diagnostic tool. The purpose is to view the body to help diagnose and treat many different medical conditions.

Different x-rays serve a purpose. You may be surprised that they are not only used to determine if you have a fracture or have broken a bone after an injury.

X-Rays can be done for various diagnostic reasons, such as a mammogram to look for signs of cancer or a chest x-ray to diagnose pneumonia.

Why You May Need an X-Ray

Sometimes you may question if you need to go in to see a provider for an x-ray. However, if you are experiencing pain and discomfort, it is essential to visit urgent care to get a proper diagnosis and treat the source of discomfort.

If you visit UrgentCare MDs, there may be several reasons why an x-ray is ordered. A common reason why our physicians may order an x-ray is to determine why you are experiencing pain or discomfort.

X-Rays at our Baytown and Crosby urgent care centers may be used to diagnose conditions such as:

  • Digestive problems
  • Fractures
  • Infections
  • Viewing swallowed items

What recommendations are Provided if you Need an X-ray?

When an x-ray at our Baytown or Crosby location is ordered, there is usually little to no preparation. Radiologists may ask you to change into a hospital gown and remove all metallic items such as jewelry before the x-ray.

It is essential to tell the physician and radiologist if you have metal implants as it can affect the imaging of the x-ray. 

X-rays can require contrast dye before you have your x-ray. The dye contains iodine and barium compounds. It is something that may be swallowed or also given by injection. Contrast dye can be helpful to view the quality of the images.

What Potential Side Effects Should I be Aware of?

Our physicians want you to know that x-rays in Baytown and Crosby have few side effects. Radiation exposure is considered safe for both children and adults. However, it is essential to let your physician know if you are pregnant because a different imaging option, such as an MRI, may be a safer option.

If you have a fracture or broken bone, you may experience pain while the radiologist takes the different images. On occasion, you may be given pain medication to help with discomfort beforehand.

There can be side effects from the contrast dye, which can include:

  • hives or itching caused by an allergic reaction
  • nausea
  • lightheadedness
  • a metallic taste in your mouth

Report it to the physician or radiologist right away if you feel you are reacting to the dye.

What Can You Expect After Your X-ray?

After the images are complete, you will be able to change back into your clothes while your doctor reviews the images. It is recommended to rest while waiting for the results of the image.

At urgent care centers, x-ray images are reviewed shortly after the images are taken. The radiologist will report the findings to the doctor, and depending on the results, other diagnostic measures may be reported. Commonly this can include additional imaging scans, blood tests, or other diagnostic procedures.

The doctor often reviews the images and can diagnose and determine an appropriate treatment plan soon after the image is taken.

How Can We Help at our UrgentCare Centers?

If you suspect you need an x-ray, it is important to visit an urgent care for a proper diagnosis. Please visit us at the following locations:

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We also offer primary care in Boytown, Tx. 

Whatever ailment you may be experiencing, our physicians can help diagnose and treat your condition to design a treatment plan tailored especially for you.

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