Halloween Horrors: 5 Common Injuries During Halloween and How to Avoid Them

The Halloween season is just around the corner! This means that it’s that time of the year again for fun costumes, trick or treating, and spooky stories. But no matter how scary these antics are, there are still actual dangers that you or your family might encounter during this month. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Halloween season is the 4th most common time where kids get sent to emergency rooms for holiday-related injuries. It was also reported that children aged 5 (and under) attained the most injuries compared to other age groups.

To prevent this from ever happening, one of our leading doctors for urgent care in Baytown will discuss five of the most common Halloween-related injuries and how to avoid them.

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  1. Hand Injuries from Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving has always been a staple event in any Halloween parties or get-togethers. Additionally, creating different Jack-o-lantern designs had probably become a Halloween tradition for many families.

However, you may need to think twice about it now. Based on the survey made by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), pumpkin carving (44%) is one of the most common reasons for hand injuries in kids during the spooky season. This resulted in hundreds of children visiting the ER due to cuts and lacerations on their hands and fingers.

Fortunately, you can easily make it a safe activity by leaving the carving duties to the adults. But you can still make the kids feel included by letting them scoop the seeds out or decorate the lantern afterward.

  1. Trips and Falls Associated With Costumes and Decorations

A dark neighborhood filled with hundreds of trick-or-treating kids is already a disaster waiting to happen. Add their creative yet trip hazard costumes to that, and you’ll have plenty of fall-related accidents later on. So here are some tips on how to prevent foot and ankle injuries at your next trick or treating event:

  • Avoid oversized and long, trailing costumes that pose trip and fall hazards to your kids.
  • Make sure that their mask or head costume contains large eye and nose holes.
  • Bring a flashlight when you roam the streets. 
  • Avoid using sharp or pointy props that might accidentally injure your or other kids.
  • Let your children wear sensible shoes.

Lastly, if you are participating in this year’s trick or treating event, you need to ensure that your decoration placement won’t become a trip hazard for kids.

For example, don’t fill the lawn, porch, or steps with too much decor to avoid obscuring the walkways. You can also ensure that your yard is illuminated enough so trick or treaters can safely navigate it. 

  1. Vehicle Accidents During Trick or Treating

Another harrowing yet common accident during Halloween is vehicular mishaps. This specifically pertains to kids and adults getting hit by a car or motorcycle during trick or treating.

Although some may be due to drunk driving, parents can still take extra measures to save their kids from car accidents. One example is by adding reflective tape to your child’s costume to increase their visibility during the night. 

In addition, you can also let them wear glow stick headbands and bracelets. Just make sure to let them know not to ingest its contents if broken.

  1. Burns and Fire Accidents

Prevent fire-related injuries and accidents by using battery-operated lights in your jack-o-lanterns. Furthermore, keep flammable decorations (e.g., dried flower, crepe paper) away from any open flames in your home. You should also make it a point to teach your kids some fire precautions, such as staying away from open flames or the classic stop, drop, and roll.

  1. Food or Candy-Related Incidents

Don’t get fooled by the seemingly harmless Halloween candies and treats. These sugar-filled snacks can easily make your or your kids’ All Hallows’ Eve a true nightmare一from food allergies to choking incidents.

According to the CDC, 1 in every 13 children developes food allergic reactions that might be deadly. It might not be your kid, but it can be one of the little toddlers who’ll be trick or treating in your home. 

Plus, there’s also the danger of food poisoning during parties, choking on hard candy, and tummy aches caused by too much sugar. So, here are some tips on what you can do to make it a fun and safe evening for everyone:

  • Know your kid’s food allergies.
  • Check the label. Watch out for common allergens included in some treats, like soy (lecithin), milk (whey), peanuts, and wheat. 
  • Inspect their loot. Before your kid indulges in some treats, make sure to check their candy bag for choking hazards (e.g., hard candies, nuts, and gums)
  • Opt for non-food goodies. Forgo the traditional treats and give non-food items to trick or treaters, such as stickers, mini notebooks, or cute pens.
  • Prepare an emergency plan. You never really know when an emergency will happen. So it’s better to be ready by knowing the contact number of your trusted urgent care.

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